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The Heart Aroused

Poetry and the preservation of the soul at work. - The publishers original price £12.99 - Our special price is:- £3.50
David Whyte
138mm x 211mm

Adaptability, vitality and creativity are key assets in the work¬place, and in an ever more competitive world, organizations are realizing that only through the talent and energy of their people will they retain a competitive edge. Nevertheless, organisational change and empowerment have yet to unlock the huge potential that human beings are capable of when their heart and soul are in what they do.

In The Heart Aroused, David Whyte charts the often uncer¬tain boundary between individual aspiration and organiza¬tional necessity. He examines the fears people have about using their gifts, and shows how individuals must understand their own desires - and find their own voice - before they can truly commit to, and have influence in, the organization for which they work.

Using the language of poetry, prophecy and imagination, David Whyte creates a new level of understanding, and encourages the reader to preserve, reclaim and strengthen the life of the soul at work.

'The unique contribution of this book is the way it eases us into the dark unmanageable side of the workplace. David Whyte makes the dive into the waters of the soul attractive and delectable. What a fine seduction.' - Peter Block, author of Stewardship: Choosing Service over Self-interest -